The Mexican Village Restaurant is a family run business headed by Abel Olivares Sr. and Jr. Abel Sr. has always been very ambitious and in pursuit of the American Dream of free enterprise. He began his career with a small fast food business and worked evenings at five star restaurants. He climbed his way up amongst the finest chefs in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and became the first Mexican Chef of International Cuisine at the Windsor West, Perinos, and Dales Secret Harbor. In 1965, he acquired his own restaurant, the Mexican Village.
The Mexican Village Restaurant and Club was the hot spot of Los Angeles during the 70's and 80's. It became a pioneer of Latino cuisine, featuring live entertainment, dancing, cultural art and a romantic exciting ambiance. We have created a warm and comfortable Spanish atmosphere. Quality and service is our #1 priority. We hope you enjoy your meal and entertainment. We give you the best of both worlds-The best tasting food and low fat contents.Today, the restaurant continues to serve you lunch and dinner. At night,it's a perfect gathering place to meet, dance and drink.